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Ci Plus Device Interim License Agreement

12 CI Plus – Protocols 1. Compare the CI versions supported by IDTV and CAM. 2. If both parties have the same authentic key, they have achieved successful authentication between them. 3. CI-CAM and IDTV authenticate each other to ensure that the opposite device is a valid CI device. 4. The secure Authenticated Channel (SAC) is used for the transmission of security-related messages between CAM and IDTV Host Capability Evaluation Auth Key Verification Authentication SAC Key Calculation URI Version Negotiation 6. Confirmation URI 5.

Uri-Version (URI) to find a version of the URI supported by both parties. 7. CC 6 key calculation. Transmission and confirmation of the URI used by CAM to send a series of information on the rules of use to IDTV. 8. Confirmation SRM 7. Content key calculation (CC) used on both sides to calculate keys for transportation flow scrambling/decirambling (TS). 8. Message of renewability System (SRM) Transmission and confirmation is used by CI-CAM to transfer SRM to IDTV for HDCP and DTCP-IP. 12 / 24 23 CI Plus – CI Plus Summary is based on the DVB-CI standard and is retrocompatible Encrypted Communication via the secure and authenticated CI/CI- Channel interface for critical messages – Transfer of encrypted digital content from the CI module to the host system Implementation – License – Certificate Management, certification of CI terminals and modules in a Future Proof digital TV lab with URI (Usage Rules Information) CPCM, CSA3, DTCP, DLNA,… Internet LAN PVR STB 23 /24 About ARCHOS TV General Questions I have installed a firmware/plug-in/game file on my Archos TV, but it is not recognized by the device.

You may not have copied the file correctly on the device. If there are 20 CI Plus documentation documents on CI Plus Device Interim License Agreement – Compliance and Robustness Rule… CI Plus Specification v1.2 – Detailed specification for recipients and modules with change warnings 001 and 002 Additional specification v1.2 – Requirements for revocation/shunning of the host v1.0 – Definition of the testing and registration procedure Registration request – Request for testing and registration of a device last updated: Documents on board line, CI Plus Specification Interim License Agreement (ILA) Certificate Supply Agreement (CSA) Forms: Identification, Administrator Authorization Brand On-Boarding, Registration Application Robustness Certification Checklist 20 / 24…/solutions/consumer_electronics.htm Bosch Security Systems Video Systems Network Authentication – 802.1X Secure the Edge of the Network – Technical White Paper 4 July 2016 Secure the edge of the network Security devices are mostly located 22 CI Plus – Implementation…