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Dj Service Agreement Template

Are you an organizer who organizes events for thousands of people such as festivals, concerts, theatres and searching for ticket models on the Internet? If so, we simply present this PDF ticket model, designed by our designers and presented to you only to meet your needs. All you need is to collect the public name, address, email address and payment via PayPal with our ticket purchase form template. After the form is filed, the PDF of your ticket is filled with the transmission data. In addition, you can add a door, seat and ticket code to the ticket after you`ve processed each deposit and your ticket is ready for use! Article II. The Event“ allows us to quickly consolidate the location, date and time of the place where DJ services are needed by the customer. Look for the empty area called „Coming,“ then list where the DJ should appear. This can be mentioned as the name of the physical space (i.e. a bar name) or the name of a family (i.e. the name Smith Household). Then you produce the address where the DJ will work on the „Venue Address“ line. This must be an address that you can find on a map. The date of the dj`s calendar to appear at the venue address must be indicated in the lines following the „Event Date“ label. Now, indicate the exact time the DJ must work on the venue, on the pre-formatted rooms called „Time.“ Make sure the time you`re talking is either „A.M.

or „P.M.“ by activating the corresponding checkbox. We must report the minimum time that the disc jockey should work on the last space of this section. Of course, in addition to the situation and time of this work, we must document the amount of money that the client agreed to pay for the DJ or DJ Company for the event described CI-DE-HAUT. This task is done in „III. Payment“ by the message „Total service costs“ the customer pays the DJ on the empty first line. A „non-refundable down payment“ is often put in place. This will assure the DJ that if something were to interfere with the performance of this contract, that the company (or DJ) would still keep a certain amount of money to cover some of the losses. Deliver the amount the customer will have to pay on the empty second line without waiting for a refund. This amount is usually required well before the event at the time of signing the contract or shortly thereafter.

The third empty space has been reserved for you to report the „Balance Due On Date Of Event“. As a general rule, it is the dollar amount that remains to be paid after the customer has submitted his non-refundable down payment. The statement at the end of this article contains an empty line. Complete the amount per hour paid by the client to the DJ if the event exceeds the agreed deadline. In „IV Duties Of The Client,“ indicate the number of days before the event that the customer must ensure that all the space requirements required for the DJ are met. Stealth dj s mobile Disc jockey Service 31801 sibley road romulus, mi 48174 URL: .stealthdjs.com Email: eric stealthdjs.com Phone: (734) 753-3755 Fax: (734) 753-3755 Customer agreement between (mobile disc jockey provider): stealth dj s and dj contract Business Validity Date / / DJ service, aka (the DJ) is located at the city address, state postcode phone number ()-0 E-Mail: E-mail address.com and customer legal name, aka (the customer) is located at the city address, state zip code Phone …