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Ucf Remote Work Agreement

COVID-19 Emergency Remote Work Agreement – Download and save the chord remotely before being edited. Physical, digital or electronic confirmation of the signature authorization is accepted. Agreement is required for all UCF employees working remotely during the COVID-19 emergency. Some employees must be on campus because they support distance learning, campus operations and other areas. It is the responsibility of line managers to adequately determine which employees have tasks that do not allow them to work remotely. Due to the strategic depopulation of the campus by the UCF from tomorrow, a smaller number of employees will be working. This step is consistent with the guidelines for social distancing, which means avoiding gatherings and mass attitudes with a large number of people and, if possible, keeping the distance from others. According to health officials, high-risk workers should also work remotely as quickly as possible. People at high risk for COVID-19 include those aged 65 and over; patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes; Pregnancy and/or immunodeficiency due to drugs or diseases. The UCF`s commitment to safely and effectively address the public health challenges that covide-19 aims to ensure that university staff can, if necessary, work from home or, if necessary, in another remote location. On this remote work resource page, you`ll find guides for superiors, employees and departments that will help you quickly and successfully implement temporary remote work agreements. With the exception of staff whose tasks cannot be performed remotely, all others should be able to work remotely from Wednesday. Here you`ll find useful computer guides for employees and superiors for remote work.

The UCF will continue to publish regular updates on the UCF website. Faculty superstars can work anywhere. Increasing our competitive advantage to attract them to the UCF will benefit from your help. More information on how to implement remote work will be shared tomorrow. This includes a form that employees working remotely must fill out and send to hr. In the meantime, those who are willing to work remotely can do so tomorrow with the agreement of their superior. Employee Assistance Program – Now available to all non-student employees.