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Wedding Planning Disagreements

Here are the 10 biggest red flags a couple won`t make, according to the wedding planners. Wedding planning can be the first big project you and your fiance have done together. While you are planning your wedding, you will also begin the process of building your wedding. This includes your interactions as a couple and with your soon-to-be mixed families. While it is customary for the bride to play the lead role in planning the wedding, remember that the groom probably also has some ideas. Make sure he plays an active role with which he feels good. Don`t make big decisions without the idea of missing out on him. Make sure you give your families a united front and respect the fact that you are now a couple. No one is closer to a couple planning their wedding than their wedding planner. If your partner calls you to your new obsession with wedding details and wedding magazines (and your lack of involvement in things you enjoyed doing together), they may have a point.

„If marriage has become more important than your relationship, it`s a wake-up call,“ says Tessina. „Yes, you want a beautiful marriage, but not at the expense of your relationship. What`s this all about? Think about your future. If your wedding anniversary is absolutely ruined, if you don`t have great means of wedding reception, make it a priority for you. But if the taste of the wedding cake really isn`t that big than a deal, and it wants the rainbow chip, you can probably compromise on it. Sharing which items on your wedding anniversary are most important and compromising on those that are not is a good practice of how you approach the wedding planning process. You won`t be able to control every moment of your wedding anniversary, and wouldn`t have much fun if you try. With Ms. Murray`s mother on board, the couple married in September 2014 at the Greenpoint Loft, a pre-war camp in Brooklyn that had been turned into a concert hall. Ms. Murray argued with the venue. „My mother was absolutely horrified when she had to take a lift to the fourth floor,“ Murray said.

„She won`t admit it, but I`m pretty sure that one day before the wedding, she sent a painter into the building to paint the graffiti in the elevator. The owner asked us if we knew anything and we were playing in silence. Marriages are about the couple, but also about each family. And many families have always done their weddings in a certain way. By asking you to include traditions in your wedding anniversary, they really say that you are loved and invite you to perpetuate their heritage. So if the groom`s mother insists that you have to have a picture in front of the oak tree, or if the bride`s mother requires you to use her wine bums, it could be because a tradition is important to her. Discovering the real reason why someone insists on a particular element of your wedding anniversary can bring understanding and appreciation. „Many couples, mostly brides, are not realistic about what they can afford. Forget marriage – if a partner is in the clouds above what he can afford, just imagine his future life,“ she said. Many couples, including the Murrays, disagree with their parents on the number of guests to attend the wedding.

Both parents, Murray said, „wanted to invite tons of large families that we had never met before.“ The couple wanted a more intimate marriage. „Marriages usually generate complicated dynamics between mother and daughter, and years of waits and baggage,“ says Dr. Kate Kaplan, a clinical psychologist who works specifically with a complicated family dynamic. „My advice for brides is to use these moments as a unique reference point.