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Labour Contract Agreement Format India

This agreement between the contractor and the principal employer can be downloaded and amended free of charge to meet the conditional and urgent requirements of the contract format. 25. The staff member mandated by the contractor is solely responsible for the scrupulous compliance with the contractual conditions and operates under the control and control of the contractor. It should be noted that this agreement does not establish a relationship between the staff employed through the contractor and management. 7. The parties agree on the number of persons the contractor is able to hire to effectively meet its obligations under this agreement. d. If the treaty becomes illegal b virtuous of a law. 15.

The contractor and the company keep these records and records containing the data relating to contract work that ends under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act of 1970 or any other law, including, among other things, with regard to the type of work performed by contract work, and the wages paid to the worker. 23. If a third party suffers losses or damages as a result of a commission or omission, fault or failure to perform a worker provided by the contractor, the contractor will comply with the same rule if the company is required to pay the same, the contractor will reimburse that loss or injury to the company. 1. The company designates the contractor as a contractor for the supply of labour who carries out the loading and unloading operations in a company vessel when it arrives in that port. 8. This amount includes wages and other benefits that are paid to workers that it makes available to the company from time to time and that the current workforce requires, and that the company is not responsible for paying the same. However, if the company is required to pay an amount to the worker as a primary employer under an order (including the rules or regulations included), the contractor should reimburse the contractor within 15 days of the date of the company`s application. The request must be written down. In addition, the contractor undertakes to compensate the company for such an amount and losses, costs and expenses that the company must bear as a result of this damage.

17. The holder pays wages in the rate prescribed by the 1970 Act, in particular. For urgent needs of the contractor`s format, send us your data in the mail.