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Responsible Gambling Agreement

In addition to the executive orders on the various gambling sectors, all of which came into force on 1 January 2020, the Danish Gambling Authority has published a guide on responsible gambling. A foundation and our operators must ensure that the game is managed responsibly in their sites. We also believe that government and communities have a role to play in ensuring that there is a common regulatory approach to all forms of gambling. The gambling public must take responsibility for their own actions and ensure that their activities do not harm others. In June 2018, an agreement on new initiatives against gambling and the adaptation of the gambling agreement was implemented politically. A self-exclusion decision is an agreement between an individual and the venue of the event, whereby the event staff prohibits the person from accessing the playing area for an agreed period of up to two years and may, if necessary, initiate a trespass procedure. All Foundation One rental managers can help fill out a self-exclusion form. A foundation continues to advocate for responsible play for the good of the community. Responsible gambling is where adults can make an informed decision to participate in regulated and conceded games while they have access to assistance if their participation causes harm.

As a responsible member of Foundation One, which operates slot machines for the benefit of the community, we are committed to: if you have obtained a licence to make games available, you also have an obligation to ensure that they are carried out responsibly. The few people who, for whatever reason, cannot be responsibly involved in entertainment must be protected from themselves. Foundation One site operators are responsible for the management of our slot machines at their location and will comply with their obligations under the law and the one Foundation Responsible gaming code. The following rules should always be followed when using the Danish Gaming Administration`s StopSpillet logo: If you have any questions about this process, please contact the One Foundation Bureau: (07) 345 7070 Please send an email info@gamingcare.org.au if you need help. Please note that to effectively manage self-exclusion, the place needs a clear and up-to-date photo of the person seeking self-exclusion. Go to the site and ask the manager to fill out the form with you. Or download the form from this website and fill out all the sections. Then take it to the event site, or post it to the event venue to sign the lower section.

The PUTNSIBLE Gambling Document (RGD) was introduced on all sites in 2019 and updated in December 2020 to reflect changes to gaming legislation. To access the forms or download an electronic copy of the RGD, please log in here. Here you can download the StopSpillet logo of the Danish Gaming Administration. Please note that the Danish Gambling Administration has established certain policies regarding the use of the logo. Consumer and Business Services (CBS) evaluated a compliance checklist to help licensees assess their compliance with laws, rules, licensing conditions and codes of conduct for gambling and betting. If the self-assessment checklist refers to policies and procedures, locations that have responsible gambling agreements may refer to their responsible gambling document to respect these issues. If you have any doubts about the amount of money you spend on slot machines and want to exclude them from the play area of a local One Foundation, we have a legal procedure that allows our event venue operators to prohibit you from playing our machines.