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Aboriginal Recipient Funding Agreement

If you have any questions about the department`s funding agreements, please contact the nearest regional service or the Contact Centre for Public Inquiries at 1-800-567-9604. Fixed contribution funding is an option for the provision of transfers to Aboriginal people, for which a contribution may be based on a predetermined annual estimate of the funding required by the recipient to achieve the objectives of a transfer programme. Participants emphasized the importance of respecting the First Nation`s choice, preferences for multiple bank accounts, and options for the annual lump sum payment up to the duration of the contract and the possibility of extending ongoing agreements, including certain clauses of the comprehensive funding agreement. Participants expressed concern about whether the model was actually developed in partnership with First Nations. Instead of a Crown-led agreement development process, the question was asked: why not allow First Nations to propose a model agreement that would allow for a full adaptation of agreements through bilateral negotiations? As part of this general requirement, the Directive offers heads of departments considerable room for manoeuvre in terms of payment. The rules on subsidies are simple. In the case of a grant of up to $250,000, department heads have full freedom to pay the grant in lump sums or instalments. A grant of $250,000 must be paid in instalments, unless the total amount is required in a single payment to achieve the objectives of the grant. Where a grant is to be paid in instalments, heads of department are free to determine the amount and timing of instalment payments, which may be based on the recipient`s cash flow forecasts. .