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Amapceo Ops Agreement

Section 47 of the Public Service of Ontario (PAHO) collective agreement allows you to enter into other labour agreements (AAAs) that may include compressed work weeks, flexible hours and telework. Your time is precious. This is the reason why AMAPCEO has negotiated a strong collective language to give you more control over your time. AMAPCEO members will vote on the offer from 23 to 27 June, with the results announced on Wednesday 28 June. Full offer details are available on AMAPCEO`s website in amapceo.on.ca/ops2017 TORONTO, June 14, 2017 /CNW/- The Government of Ontario has offered AMAPCEO members of the Public Service of Ontario (PAHO) a four-year rollover of its existing collective agreement. If ratified by members and cabinet, the new agreement will expire on March 31, 2022. As a reminder, PAHO`s four-year rolling contract took place on April 1 begins, although some of its functions have already begun to be implemented. Most of the provisions are unchanged from the collective agreement that expires on March 31, but are among the highlights of the comparison ratified last June: 7.5% general wage increases over four years; new lump sum payments to red-circle employees; new rights for dependent persons and care for the elderly; Cancel the highly unpopular Attendance Assistance Management Program (ASMP); and a new optional out-of-country health insurance program. The document is reserved with all other collective agreements on amapceo.on.ca/collective-agreements. For more details on the agreement, see amapceo.on.ca/ops2017. „AMAPCEO was called upon last week by the government to ask them to discuss a `transfer` of our current agreement,“ said Dave Bulmer, President of AMAPCEO. „In response to this offer, we believe we have negotiated a reasonable extension that protects our current provisions, provides members with fair compensation increases, does not bring significant improvements and brings stability for the next four years – without concessions.“ Some members of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) have offset option credits („COC Days“) that must be used before August 1, 2020 and that have been included in the 2014 collective agreement.

Given that we need to protect, will PAHO`s employer allow an extension of the original date in order to better use it later? Our OPS collective agreement and our employer policy aim to promote access to flexible work rules for those who wish to do so. As the current agreement is expected to expire in March next year, negotiations are not expected to start until early 2018. The following sub-items apply to PAHO and many of our BPS units. To ensure this applies to you, please respect the corresponding collective agreement at amapceo.on.ca/collective-agreements Many of our members have seen effects on job security with other governments at the local, provincial and federal levels. Some governments have gone so far as to lay off some employees, while others have reduced working hours, introduced job sharing or considered the use of unpaid leave. Since all levels of government spend money more freely to combat economic losses, members are concerned about their own job security. What does AMAPCEO plan? You must use them before August 1, 2020, otherwise they expire. They are not payable.

As I work from home, am I entitled to home office tax credits? AMAPCEO submitted these concerns to PAHO`s employer in April, but on June 9, 2020, PAHO`s employer announced that it would not extend the COC`s deadline, given that members have had to use their time since August 2014 and that most municipalities in the province will enter Phase 2 of the government`s „reopening Ontario“ plan. Mediator – French Language Service If you are in a bargaining unit outside PAHO, contact your local representative to get started.. . .