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Apakah Film Wedding Agreement Sudah Bisa Di Download

The scene of the film ends with the wedding scene of Aldi and Sarah. In the film, Refal Hady Bian, married to Tari, plays Indah Permatasari. They married by taaruf or matchmaking without balz. Meanwhile, Aghniny Haque plays Sarah, who was Bian`s fiancée. Wedding Agreement is a 2019 Starvision Plus Indonesian drama, directed by Archie Hekagery, based on the eponymous novel by Eria Chuzaimiah aka Mia Chuz, which was first popular on Wattpad. Bian, who accompanied Sarah to the hospital, broke off his relationship with Sarah and continued his marriage because he already loves Tari, Sarah does not accept because he was waiting for Bian and he felt unfair. Tari accompanied Bian to the hospital and waited outside, Tari met Aldi. When Tari and Aldi arrive in Sarah`s room, they see Bian and Sarah kissing, which makes Tari sad and disappointed. Tari decided to leave for a while to calm down. While Zari`s parents were dying of an accident during the Junior High Dance, Tari has since been helped by Pakde and Bude who had no children. Bian and Tari get closer because of the attitude of the good and patient dance, Bian thinks that dancing can change him in a better direction. . .