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Sag New Media Agreement Pdf

SAG-AFTRA`s New Media Agreement, which covers dramatic (scripted) and non-dramatic (unscripted) entertainment productions, is intended for the first exposure on the Internet, mobile devices or any other new media platform (now known or developed below). The New Media Agreement is generally seen as SAG-AFTRA`s response to online content and generally covers small productions, including content such as webisodes, reality shows and films originally published online. This is the framework contract for non-dramatic television productions and defines the responsibilities of the producers who work in this medium. Leftovers are only due for use in new media if an original created for the new media program is, as exhibited, $25,000 or more per minute and is displayed on a consumer payment platform beyond 26 weeks. You can broadcast your new media production after the first new press release without the prior agreement of your actors or against deletion beyond the new media; However, the remainder is paid for the use of Made for New Media productions in traditional media, based on existing sag, AFTRA or SAG-AFTRA formulas. SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) is a trade union, representing more than 160,000 film and television actors, radio actors, video games, advertisers (radio and television), news presenters, singers and recorders (both royalty artists and background singers), actors in commercials and actors who work as stuntmen and as special acts. It works to protect the interests of its members and to improve wages, working hours and working conditions. To this end, SAG-AFTRA has concluded a number of contractual agreements that apply when one of its members participates in a production. Therefore, if you wish to include a SAG-AFTRA member in your production, you must become a „signatory“ of the corresponding SAG AFTRA agreement and accept its terms.

Let`s be clear, SAG AFTRA members cannot work for you unless you are signatories to the corresponding SAG AFTRA agreement….