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Service Level Agreement Is A Small Aspect Of Cloud Computing

For example, making a read-only catalog available is quite simple for customers. While the catalog can have a very high value, it is quite easy to restore it from the backup with minimal impact on the client. However, if the same service has an online purchase of financial transactions and customer data, the level of risk and importance to the business have just increased. The type of service is an essential part of determining the appropriate SLA. Let`s examine, based on Trappler`s ideas, why an SLA is important to ensure that the cloud meets business requirements. To survive in today`s world, you have to be able to expect the unexpected, because there are always new unforeseen challenges. The only way to address these challenges in a coherent manner is to establish a strong initial regulatory framework and provide for exceptions from the outset. Challenges can come from many fronts, such as networks, security, memory, computing power, database/software availability, or even legal or regulatory changes. As cloud customers, we work in an environment that can span regions, networks, and systems. It only makes sense to agree on the desired level of service for your customers and measure the actual results. It only makes sense to make a plan if things go wrong, in order to maintain a minimum of service. Businesses need IT systems to survive. The SLA should serve as a guide to address potential problems.

We must consider the SLA as an instrument to protect the stability of the service, to protect the assets of the company and to reduce costs if drastic measures are necessary. For example, the change of service provider and the cancellation of treaties should be a last resort; This is a very expensive and painful solution. Nevertheless, it must be covered by the SLA so that both parties can dissociate a legal action. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the cloud. Many articles have been written about this, but there is still confusion about the importance of SLAs. Most people need a construction plan for architects and contractors to start building a new home and would also expect a new car to come with a warranty. An SLA serves as both a model and a guarantee for cloud computing. Ultimately, the SLA is your contract with the service provider and sets expectations for the relationship. It should be written to protect your cloud services based on the level of risk you are willing to accept.

The goal is to have an SLA that can understand and agree with both the cloud consumer and providers, including an exit strategy. The SLA should be seen as the document that establishes the partnership between the parties and is used to mitigate problems. . . .