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Viking Shipowner Agreement

Protection of people and businesses Fixed price service contract All the benefits of ownership – with predictable costs Fluctuating maintenance costs for lifeguards make budget forecasting more difficult than necessary. In addition to the service fee, these are the unexpected transportation and overtime charges at local gas stations, as well as any hidden costs of the resources used to find and select service sites, make reservations, and take care of management and tracking. Service and purchase option With the world`s largest network of maritime security services, VIKING. „The success shouldn`t be so surprising,“ says Henrik Uhd Christensen, CEO of Viking. „Shipowners are looking for better predictability of costs and a single point of contact for all their safety equipment. Nor do they want to hear about hidden costs after the agreement comes into force. And frankly, there`s no other place to have that. Our global team of committed service planners proactively works to ensure that shipowners are maintained smoothly when planning, managing and performing safety equipment maintenance. With 24-hour availability, a single point of contact and unrestanced digital tools, our planners have full transparency on the service process – from notification to billing – and get to know your vessels, itineraries and preferences quickly. All this allows them to flexibly identify and implement the best and most effective solutions for your business. „If we put these agreements in place, we are very sensitive to the business of shipowners. This approach, combined with the coverage of the entire safety equipment portfolio, allows us to adapt each agreement more closely than has been possible so far in the sector. It is not the single product-specific solution that is usually offered by other service providers. » From fluctuating costs to a predictable fixed price agreement Maintenance cost Liferaft Shipowner advantages advantages n Competitive prices, truly fixed, without add-ons n flexible fleet management n Flexible notification or planning options n A set of options for your operation n Reduced administrative burdens The new business concept has been developed to be the broadest but most customizable maintenance contracts in the sector and is almost overnight. a success among shipowners around the world.

Unlike market alternatives, VIKING agreements were introduced to offer flexible conditions for rescue shots and wetsuits and were extended to lifeboats and even water fire protection equipment. At the same time, the agreements offer a large number of fixed price options to ensure that shipowners know exactly what they can expect and how much it will cost. According to Henrik Uhd Christensen, another aspect of the company`s success with Shipowner`s deal offer is that the average size of signed contracts continues to grow. . . .